Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Loud.com Favorites With Wordspit

This is an old favorites I did while still with Loud.com with the homie Wordspit. If you've been to any event in NYC, you've likely seen him around in the cipher, talkin to people, mixin it up. Here, he goes in with a few of his favorites up in Steve Rifkind's office. He also talks about a show he did for Bombin Magazine and playin with a model's titties. Hey, I just report the stuff.

In Part 2, he gets into the origin of his moniker and gives us the rhyme for his track "JoystickMadness," the song he was spittin while playing with said model's titties in Part 1. Yeah so... the kid's got lyrics. Tune in, turn on, lets rap.

Be on the look for his upcoming project "The Coolest BBoi Stance," coming later this summer.

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